The complete interviews filmed for A Parcel of Time.
(in alphabetical order of surname)

I filmed the first interviews in 2017, and the last one during the Covid lull, almost exactly three years later. It became apparent very early on that, whatever story revealed itself in all the filming and the listening, there was going to be a great deal, of great value, that ran the risk of being hidden, simply because there wasn’t room for it in the film. So here are the complete, unedited interviews, in which you can hear all the stories I left out. Not only can friends and relatives of interviewees hear more than I could put in the film, but it’s also a valuable oral history resource. Everybody, without exception, had interesting stories to tell.

These are not performances, but conversations. I have applied basic colour correction and adjusted audio levels, but they are otherwise unedited, so there are pauses, the microphone appears occasionally, and so on. Transcripts are accurate enough for editing purposes, but not prettied for publication.

Nick and Margaret Birch - Transcript

Maggie Biss - Transcript

Bryan and Jean Davies - Transcript

Harry Davies - Transcript

Lucy Davies - Transcript

Rob Davies - Transcript

Caroline and Mike Elmitt - Transcript

Barbara and Ian Fanning - Transcript

Ray Margrett and Irene Finch - Transcript

Mary Freeman and Jane Jones - Transcript

Ian Gwynne - Transcript

John Harding - Transcript

David Howle - Transcript

Rev David Howell - Transcript

Margaret James - Transcript

John Jones jnr - Transcript

Steven Jones - Transcript

Fiona and Peter Leathart - Transcript

John Margrett - Transcript

Kenneth Burford and Phil Margrett - Transcript

Ray and Cynthia Margrett with Mary Freeman - Transcript

Tony Myers - Transcript

Geoff Phelps - Transcript

Mary Robins - Transcript

Brenda and Wally Thrush- Transcript

Lori and David Weber - Transcript